How We Got Started 

We’ve loved every minute of this journey

The Service Dog Life

The Service Dog Life started off solely as a way for Alicia Picon to share her life as a teenage service dog handler and help younger handlers since at the time there was very little resources out there for younger people with Service Dogs. The Service Dog Life started with Hazel, who was not only Alicia's first Service Dog, but the dog who started it all and introduced her to the dog sport world. 

Introducing Epic

In September 2017 The Service Dog life grew by four paws, introducing the sporty baby Border Collie now known as Epic.  The Service Dog Life was still very much a personal blog about the dogs lives documenting training and accomplishments. Alicia started off four years ago apprenticing and ultimately working with a Service Dog trainer and has mentored under obedience trainers as well. Alicia's heart has always been with working and training Service Dogs though after seeing how much they help their handlers. Her being three years hospital free due to her own personal Service Dog was life changing and she would love to see the same for future clients. Although Service Dogs have been the main focus, Alicia has loved training and working with higher drive dogs in sports and seeing what all these dogs are capable of. Alicia has competed in disc with both Hazel and Epic and it is a hobby they all enjoy. Alicia also has enjoyed working with pet clients and teaching people how much fun it is to work with their dogs!

Our Recent Work

Birthday Girl

Highlighting 4 years in September 2018 Hazel still is very much a playful happy dog and enjoying her life. 


This video captures the first month Epic the Border Collie was with The Service Dog Life. She was and still is a happy go lucky girl and makes it a point to "Make Life Epic"