Demo Dogs

Brief picture and description of our dogs who are available to do demo work.


Service Dog and Stunt Dog

Khloe is a seizure alert and response Service Dog, she also knows an array of tricks and stunts. She enjoys showing off and loves being a cuddle bug with people. 


Sport and Stunt Dog

Epic is a insanely smart Border Collie. Her main work is done with Disc, she has competed in freestyle disc and loves to show off her stunts, such as rebounds and vaults. Epic adores children and is a great dog to watch. 


Service Dog and Stunt Dog 

Hazel is a finished and completed allergen detection and asthma alert dog.  She also knows over one hundred trained behaviors, ranging from handstands, jump rope and item retrievals. Hazel can also demo scent work and is very much a people pleaser!

The Trainees


Sport and Stunt Dog

Addie is our new Border Collie trainee being worked with Rylee Khripunov she already has a great foundation in disc and will be competing spring and fall 2019. She is picking up on things extremely fast! Can't wait to see what this girl brings to the table.