Service Dog Teams

Here is a picture and brief description of our current SD/ SDiT teams. 

Heather & Zoi

Finished Service Dog

Zoi is a finished Service Dog for PTSD & SPD. She knows an array of tasks such as medicine retrieval and behavior interruption. 

Rylee & Khloe

Finished Service Dog

Khloe is a seizure alert and cardiac alert dog. She keeps her mom safe on a daily basis with her life saving alerts.

Alicia & Hazel

Finished Service Dog

Hazel is a finished allergen detection dog trained in dairy detection and asthma alert and response. Hazel is trained to retrieve epi pens, inhalers, and help when needed. 

Laura & Zuzu

In Training- Co training with Willow Service Dogs LLC

Zuzu is a moyen poodle being trained as a gluten detection dog. She is a small dog with a big personality. Zuzu is being co trained with Willow Service Dogs LLC.

Kaila & Donnie

In Training

Donnie previously known as "Vino" was placed with Kaila in January 2019. He has big paws to fill! Him and his sister came to us October 2018 and we are so happy to watch him grow into an amazing Service Dog. He will be learning medical alert and response during his time with Epic Dog Training.